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To celebrate hitting 30k on instagram, I'm doing a giveaway/fundraiser

To celebrate hitting a milestone, I am doing a giveaway! But with a fundraising twist for Daydream rescue and sanctuary, because the models for my photography are from rescues!
I will be giving away this framed 11x14 piece called "Tigger"
(he resides at Daydream Rescue Sanctuary, after being rescued from starvation) And will be giving everyone who enters a 20% off of my whole website! The deadline to enter is on Monday February 26th and the winner will be announced on February 27th!
It's free to enter the give away, just need a few minutes of your time. It's a coupon drive! You can find the instructions below the image of Tigger

Why Coupons?

Daydream contacted Nutrena and Purina for sponserships but they can not do sponserships so they told them to use their coupons, and that supporters can also fill out the forms. Each coupon cuts down the cost of 1 bag ($26) to $2, which is amazing! They spend $1000 on feed monthly so this cuts their costs down exponentially

Go to the links provided below and fill out the survey, and it will send the coupon link to your email address. DO NOT SEND US THE LINK. It won't work. Go to print the coupon (it won't print right away) then save the coupon as a document or screen shot the coupon (see examples below) and send it to the sanctuary's email at

You can find the links below as well :)

To enter into the give away you need to put in the subject line "coupon giveaway"

Purina Coupon -

Nutrena Coupon -

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